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POSTMARKS the summers of ’98
Published by Golden Apple Press 2010

Matterhorn“We walked on the dry snow there in the mule track between banks of snow 7 feet high. Such fun and all in July! It snowed on us for an hour then we got to the flower line and stopped to pick beautiful forget-me-nots, violets, and all sorts of pretty flowers. Did not get back to Zermatt until five so you see we were walking just about ten hours.”

Anna Lester 1898

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In the summer of 1998, Susan Gilbert Harvey reads the letters her grandmother and great-aunt wrote in the summer of 1898. Edith and Anna Lester are ambitious young women who veered from the southern lady stereotypes of Rome, Georgia, to seek artistic freedom in Europe. Edith is a piano and organ student in Berlin; Anna studies art in Paris. During their summer holiday, the sisters hike Alpine trails in Zermatt, traverse the Mer de Glace in Chamonix, and cross the Simplon Pass in a stagecoach.

Rome, Georgia, is the cauldron for Harvey's summer of transition as she moves from sculptor to writer, from daughter to orphan, and from lethargy to creative rebirth. Harvey, a non-traditional visual and performance artist, introduces other Rome women who have found identity in eccentricity. their stories and the city of Rome provide a backdrop for Susan Gilbert Harvey's pivotal summer of 1998.

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POSTMARKS: the summers of ’98 is the prequel to Harvey’s first memoir, Tea with Sister Anna: a Paris journal.

hiking“Skirts are a nuisance on a mountain.”

Edith Lester 1898








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