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Tea with Sister Anna: a Paris journal
Published by Golden Apple Press 2005

Montparnasse bookstore of Francois Roulmann displays Harvey's book during
walking tour, September 2005

What people are saying about the book:

"Sister Anna’s letters paint a wonderful picture of fin-de-siècle Paris, and Susan Harvey’s story is a paean not just to the eternal enchantment of Paris, but also to the creative spirit and the women who possess it."

St.John Flynn, host of Cover to Cover

Georgia Public Broadcasting

"It is a beautiful work beautifully realized."

Phylis Tickle

author, The Great Emergence


"I'm at last able to stretch out on my patio in southern Germany on an afternoon of rare sunlight on the Swabian Alb, and have opened your book like a box of fine pralines, full of anticipation and the sure knowledge that I have made an excellent purchase!"

Gabriele Glang, artist and writer


I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing is superb and the story was riveting. I now feel that I knew Anna personally.



“This book is a comfortable read, a journey to take in an armchair by the fire on a rainy, cool afternoon--with a cup of tea, of course.”

Anne Lovett, Georgia Writers News/Mag July-August 2005


"I rejoice that you have committed this life to pages for people like me to weep over for generations to come!"

Dot Jackson

author of Refuge

“Underlying the ever-present sadness of her [Anna's]illness was an old worldly charm and spiritual happiness, which was a pleasure to share.”

C.M. Scotland

“Susan Gilbert Harvey is fortunate to have had an amazing and inspiring woman in her family, her grandmother's sister Anna, who lived the life of an artist in Paris in the late 1800s. Not only was it highly unusual for Anna to be abroad, toute seule, but she was in Paris at a time of great artistic ferment. Yet Anna's story is just one told in this unique book: Harvey's reflections on her own life as an artist and on her experiences in Paris are in fact more engaging. As Harvey explores clues about Anna's life in various quartiers, you feel you are at her side and are just as excited as she is when her quest ends, on a happy and conclusive note. Harvey is that rare traveler who is curious about street names, paintings, buildings old books, language...everything interests her, which is of course what Paris does to a person.”

Barrie Kerper, author

The Collected Traveler series

“I'm loving this book. I was truly compelled to know it all. I was right there with you! I know your book on CD would be a hit. I can already hear you saying those words.”

M.L. Colorado

“I am reading it in little increments to prolong the pleasure and will go back to read as a whole, and finding it amusing and instructive.”

E.T. Georgia

“By weaving together the three visits to Paris, you've given the story strength and depth. Altogether we are chuffed to have your book and hugely enjoyed reading it.”

T.B. Edinburgh

I am absolutely loving your book. I'm sandwiching in a few pages here and there, and actually made myself extra late to work this morning reading it. Couldn't bear to (but did) put le livre down.

C.R. Georgia


“Your book is not only charming--but enlightening and I enjoyed every delightful page.”

N.S. Georgia

“I am leaving a sink full of dishes and unpacked suitcases to go be with you and Sister Anna.”

I.S. Birmingham, AL

“I now realize what a difficult assignment you gave to yourself in trying to braid together several stories--very tricky, but you did it beautifully! Almost none of us could have told our story with the insight, mystery, and lovely turn of phrase that Susan Harvey has in her soul.”

M.T. California

“It was wonderful--I simply could not put it down!”

L.E. Florida

“Great, Great, Great! Great is your book and I very much like to have another copy when you are in Paris. I just begin to show it to people in the neighborough and they like it very much for the past and "present" history.”

Francois Roulmann, Paris

“I did, indeed, BINGE your beautiful book, finishing Sat PM. I must now read it again, this time to SAVOR.”

S.B. Georgia

“I chewed every word. You transported me and gave me great joy. Didn't want to finish.”

J.H. Georgia

“Your book is terrific! A wonderful story, beautifully told.”

L.W. North Carolina

“I'm bouncing off the walls. The book arrived yesterday. After supper, I cracked it open and couldn't put it down. It's wonderful. I'm struggling against myself to be patient and savor.”

J.K. Paris

“I am loving your book! It is lovely to hold, great paper, wonderful illustrations and really good language. The time shifts are fascinating…

Well, it is clear you have done your scholarly research, but what makes it a page turner is that you make the reader want to read on to find out about Anna and you and Paris, too, and Rome. I am delighted every time you or Anna describe a meal or the weather--this charms me, as well as the quick studies of people…

Almost finished. Stayed up reading as late as I could last night. Your build-up, organization, connections are fabulous. Brilliant the way you unfolded the relationship with Mlle.”

B. S.C. Atlanta

“La vie de votre tante va nous rappeler des souvenirs de jeunesse, à Montparnasse et au quartier Latin. Nos felicitations à l'écrivain!”

S. et P.C. France

“I wallowed in it.”

K.A. Atlanta

“Anna's return to Rome and her too soon death could be looked on as simply tragic, but at least she went; at least she tried; at least she risked. So many of us never do.”

S.J. Georgia

“J'ai apprécié votre humour et l'histoire de votre grande-tante Anna m'a beaucoup touchée.”

J.M. Georgia


“Over the holidays, I savored Tea with Sister Anna by Susan Harvey. It was seductive! Susan writes exquisitely, weaving her own girlhood letters from Paris into the book, as well as her personal adventures and reflections on her outrageous, feminist art performances in the past. The result is an intimate relationship between two  relatives, one living and one deceased, that you can't put down. Women who read this book feel awakened to their own dreams of making a mecca to discover their souls or find a personal mentor in a deceased relative. I can tell you that it awakened something in me that I never want to lose. You will grieve when you finish, yearning for more pages!”

Ana Tampanna, author

The Womanly Art of Alligator Wrestling




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