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POSTMARKS the summers of ’98
Published by Golden Apple Press 2010

What people are saying about the book:


"I just now finished reading your remarkable book. Such
wonderful writing, filled with classical references and beautiful and
many times humorous metaphors! A thoroughly enjoyable read."

J.T. Georgia


"I am loving your book. So many memories. Laughed and cried. "

L.R. Georgia


"I am of that era of cream cheese and pepper jelly. I love your one sentence straight to the point humor. I've had many chuckles."

B.R.. Georgia


"I need to tell you that I stayed up late last night reading Postmarks. You certainly have a talent for writing. I'm enjoying learning things I never knew about Rome's history."

J.P. Georgia


"Your book is splendid...witty, delightful, textured, and totally engaging. "

S.T.. Georgia


"A rainy day and your book! Thank you ."

M.Y. Georgia


"I went to bed with Postmarks and it is not fair of you to keep me awake so late. I could not put it down. You have done a fine thiing. "

M.G. Georgia


"I will make sure that a copy of this book is placed in the Hollins Room of the Wyndham Robertson Library. Your excellent work honors your alma mater."

Nancy Gray, President, Hollins University


"Just had to stop on page 12 to let you know that I'm reading your book by a fire at the farm tonight. Loving it and thanking you for what I know will be a family treasure."

E.E.R. Kentucky


"I just finished Postmarks on Delta Flight 11 returning from London and the tears stream down my face! I loved it! I laughed! I cried! I rejoiced!"

E.C. Florida

"I sit by the fire reading your book, listening to Chopin, and loving every minute."

M.H. Georgia


"I am enjoying your book. You have made me laugh out loud at times. I love the travels of Edith and Anna and yours as well! I really don't want the book to end!"

J.B.D. Georgia


"I got such pleasure from Sister Anna and look forward to another good read from SGH. Actually I’ve dipped into Postmarks and like a child I look at the pictures first and then open the book at random and read a little. It was hard to put down. I loved the section on Rigi. "

T.W. Georgia


“Susan, I loved Postmarks. I felt like I was traveling with you and your ladies! Wouldn't it be nice to have a cup of tea?”


"I found your book to be a happy and wonderful companion during this last week. Between laughing and stopping to read sections to S, I felt as though I was becoming re-aquainted with my city and old friends. Great job! So proud of your accomplishment. How in the world do you top this?


"I'm still savoring my enjoyment of reading Postmarks!"











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