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25th Anniversary Edition, 2013, Color

a humorous blend of art, psychology, and cultural satire

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Artist Susan Harvey presents a visual fairytale for adults — a fantasy journey through the roles of her creative life. The mild-mannered SOUTHERN BELLE is mysteriously transformed into the mighty JUNK WOMAN. This caped heroine creates sculpture and measures the monuments erected to prominent men. The meditative MONK WOMAN writes poetry and emulates Greek goddesses. After incubation, the white-robed MONK WOMAN bursts into flight as the free-spirited LUNATIC MOTH. 39 minutes.

The 25th anniversary DVD edition of RÔLE CALL includes a short documentary, DANCING IN THE CROSSROADS, by Brian S. Armstrong with videos and interviews about Susan Gilbert Harvey's work as a sculptor, author, and performer. 28 minutes.

Special features with interviews and archival videos. 30 minutes.

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The word “impressive” doesn’t begin to describe it. “Genius” perhaps…










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