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Postmarks25th Anniversary Edition, 2013

A humorous blend of art, psychology, and cultural satire.

Artist Susan Harvey presents a visual fairytale for adults —
a fantasy journey through the roles of her creative life. The mild-mannered SOUTHERN BELLE is mysteriously transformed into the mighty JUNK WOMAN. This caped heroine creates sculpture and measures the monuments erected to prominent men. The meditative MONK WOMAN writes poetry and emulates Greek goddesses. After incubation, the white-robed MONK WOMAN bursts into flight as the free-spirited LUNATIC MOTH.

Includes a documentary, DANCING IN THE CROSSROADS, by Brian S. Armstrong.

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POSTMARKS: the summers of ’98

PostmarksNEW in 2010 from Golden Apple Press

In the summer of 1998, artist Susan Gilbert Harvey discovers the letters written in the summer of 1898 by her grandmother and great-aunt. Edith and Anna Lester wrote home to Rome, Georgia, from Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. A century later, a few blocks from the Lester house, Harvey uses the letters as a framework for her summer of personal transformation. As she ends her career as a sculptor and performance artist, Harvey recounts anecdotes about her artwork, her hometown history, and some of Rome, Georgia’s quirky women. (Golden Apple Press 2010: 272 pages, 55 illustrations, and 2 maps)

POSTMARKS: the summers of ’98 is the prequel to Harvey’s first memoir, Tea with Sister Anna: a Paris journal.

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Tea with Sister Anna: a Paris journal

Tea with Sister Anna(Golden Apple Press 2005: 216 pages, 15 illustrations)

Following the summer of 1998, Susan Gilbert Harvey explores the nineteenth-century Paris neighborhood of her great-aunt, Anna McNulty Lester. Using Anna’s journal and letters, Harvey presents an intimate glimpse into the life of an expatriate artist in 1898. Some of the book’s illustrations are Anna Lester’s sketches from Montparnasse academies. Susan Gilbert Harvey received a 2006 Georgia Author of the Year Award for Tea with Sister Anna: a Paris journal.

Receive a free walking tour map of Anna Lester’s Paris neighborhood with book purchase.

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